Donnerstag, 14. August 2014

ferguson - equality

What happens in Ferguson really scares me! There is so much violence and hate around the world and instead of trying to fight the hate crimes they try to fight the people who want justice! I am by far not an enemie of the police and I am glad we have police officers who ensure our safety but as everywhere, also the police has its black sheeps and it is highly disturbing that some of the police force, that should actually protect our rights, protect us, fight them by commiting an abuse of power! We are all equal, no matter what skin color, what sexuality! As long as the government and the people in charge show us that we aren't in fact equal, which is nothing but wrong, we will always live in a violent environment. How can we trust these people in charge when they protect the ones who attack us!? Not the people who simply want justice are the dangerous ones. In fact, the police who attack innocent people just to cover up their own mistake, their own guilt, is nothing but cruel and injustice! Once again, I really think we need police officers - but we need ones we can trust! We need police officers who treat us all equally! We need police officers who want to protect our rights, protect us! No more hate, no more violence! JUSTICE!

It is not the color of our skin that defines us - it is our actions! 

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