Samstag, 31. August 2013

Hate destroys - be beautiful

So a friend of mine and I did a thing. I got the idea and she got the technical knowledge and talent to design exactly what I imagined.
I tried to explain her as exactly as possible how I wanted the poster to be and voilà, she did it!
I just had to add the headline and my statement and here it is:

Which one do you prefer ? Variation 1 or 2?

Variation number 1 

Variation Number 2

Freitag, 30. August 2013

Endless wonder - Endloses Staunen

Sometimes things are so beautiful that you want to hold onto this feeling no matter what it takes. But how do you want to experience all these other endless wonder when you refuse to dare to just go one step forward? To hold onto something may give you security, but letting go can be more liberating than you think. 

Montag, 26. August 2013

Words can kill

Words of ignorance and hate can cause so much pain. Words can kill!

We have to respect and support one another!

This is just a sketch I draw yesterday


Freitag, 23. August 2013

Love is Love

There is nothing like a second-class-love ! LOVE IS LOVE ! We all should fight against hate, war & injustice.
But instead, with a law that forbids same-sex couples to get married, they actually fight against LOVE! I don't get it...


Sonntag, 18. August 2013

You are a hero

Your wings may be broken but I there will be someone who catches you! 

Your world may fall apart and crushes into pieces but every little piece can be put back together! And every little piece is a part of you that matters! <3 Every little piece is beautiful, even tough it doesn't seem like that firstly!  

And please, do not ever harm yourself! When you feel lost keep in mind, there are always people out there that love you exactly for who you are! You need help? No need to be ashamed of! Every one needs help at some point and it is damn brave to ask for help!
Take all the help you needed - you are a hero! You are my hero! I believe in you!

Samstag, 17. August 2013

Blätterteigschnecken - Filled puff pastry

This is a perfect idea for a party ! It is easy to prepare and also done very quickly. Oh and it is delicious! 

Perfektes Essen für eine Party. Super einfach zu machen und zudem sehr schnell vorzubereiten. Ach, und lecker ist es auch.

Living room design

Living room

The heart is made by my mum! We have these lanterns in all different shapes and colors and they just fit in everywhere!

Freitag, 16. August 2013


Forgiveness! It can be hard but in the end of the day you feel free and the others may feel sorry and regret what they did some day. 
Forgive so you can be forgiven. Forgive and you will feel released.

Vergebung. Es ist schwer, jedoch wird es auf längere Sicht nicht nur dich befreien sondern möglicherweise den Anderen im Nachhinein auch dazu bewegen, Reue zu zeigen.

Vergebe und dir wird vergeben! Vergebe und du fühlst dich erlöst.

Donnerstag, 15. August 2013

Italian baguette

Ingredients/ Zutaten

* 1 baguette
* 1 tomato
1 mozzarella 

basil/ Basilikum
* oregano/ Oregano
* pepper/ Pfeffer

You have to top the toasted baguette and put it in the oven for about 10 minutes. (180°C/200°C)

Belegen Sie das getoastete Baguette und rösten Sie es etwa 10 Minuten im Ofen. (180°C/200°C)


Mittwoch, 7. August 2013

Bloody sky (German)

Der Himmel beginnt zu bluten und die Wolken, getränkt in dem rot-orangenen Licht der Sonne, gehen in Flammen auf. Noch scheint alles so friedlich und wärmend, doch ehe du dich versiehst, verbrennst du dir die Finger! 

If you don't like it leave ...

So someone just told me (after I posted the article about Russia) if I dont like it there, I should simply leave the country and go to the Netherlands ...
I guess, besides the fact that I don't live in Russia at all, he or she totally missed the point ....

I am not from Russia I simply watch news. And I think it is cruel how the people in Russia are treated but anyway, the problem is not solved if you simply run away. If you truly want to change something you have to fight for it. Still, I understand every single Russian person who feels the need to leave his/her country as the circumstances over there are more than just insane.

Honestly, I am glad I don't live there but that doesn't mean that I don't want the people who HAVE TO LIVE there to be happy and save! We should stop the IGNORANCE and start SUPPORTING ONE ANOTHER.
This is what my text is all about. Coming together, supporting one another and don't remain in silence.
You can not solve a problem by being silent - you have to stand up and fight!

Dienstag, 6. August 2013


Being gay isn't disgusting, the way countries like Russia react is! It's cruel and unacceptable! They way gay people are treated over there is not only discrimination against human beings it is inhuman! Stop this insanity! I support equality - I support the NO H8 Campaign - I support LOVE

Freitag, 2. August 2013

Bilingual Recipe: Summer, Salad & Shrimps

So on the left you see a simple radish salad. But today I want to focus on the salad on the right. 

Heute konzentrieren wir uns auf den Salat auf der rechten Seite. Links ist ein einfacher Rettichsalat zu sehen.

Ingredients/ Zutaten
*arugula/ Rukula-Salat* 1/4 watermelon/ Wassermelone
* 150g feta/ Schafskäse
*balsamic vinegar/ Balsamico-Essig
*pumpkin seed oil/ Kürbiskern-Öl

How to do it/ So wird's gemacht

First you need to arrange the washed arugula on a plate. Now rub the feta between your palms and add it on top.

Den gewaschenen Salat bitte auf dem Teller anrichten und den Fetakäse zwischen deinen Händen über dem Salat verreiben. 

Cut the watermelon into little pieces and add them on top of the feta.

Die geschnittene Wassermelone fügst du nun ebenfalls hinzu.

Now all you need is to put the vinegar and the pumpkin seed oil on your salad.

Nun das Balsamico-Kürbiskern-Dressing über dem Salat verteilen.

Enjoy - Guten Appetit

Tip: You can serve this salad perfectly with shrimps and radish salad.

Diesen Salat kann man sehr gut zu Shrimps und Rettichsalat servieren.

Inspired by Julie Benz