About me

Welcome to my blog! I am glad you found your way here.

My name is Lara Müller, I am a nineteen year old dreamer from Germany and I am really fascinated by writing and photography. 

Also a big part of my life is music. Whether I am listening to songs or singing them by myself just to relax and have fun - it is simply a part of me I don't want to miss.
My guilty pleasure is definitely being a series junkie, so whenever you are doing a Movie night, you can count me in ;)

Favourite TV shows: Warehouse 13, Hawaii Five-0, Defiance, Pretty Little Liars, Orphan Black

Favourite book: The Secret - Das Geheimnis, Unbearable Lightness- Das schwere Los der
                            Leichtigkeit, Die sieben Weltwunder

When it comes to my writing, you may see that I am a mix of being a dreamer and being a thinker. I love to bring up some philosophical aspects and want to give a sort of advice with my texts.  

I would describe them as "Lifelessons" and I am pretty much writing down what I have on mind in special moments. You will read a lot about LOVE, HOPE & EQUALITY but you will also read some of my own SONG LYRICS, which I am highlitening with several photos that are shot by me. 

Speaking of my photography, I can tell you that most of my photos I shoot are natural motives. I pretty much love the different shapes of landscape pictures and forest motives are my favourite ones because trees are pretty simple yet every motive is unique. 

Thank you for taking your time! Enjoy my blog :)