Samstag, 8. Februar 2014

Olympics in Russia

I want to explain, why I don't watch the Olympics this year because a lot of people tell me it is stupid not to watch it as I only punish the athlets by doing so ! I am really sorry for putting the sport aspect on the side line, but I don't feel comfortable to watch a game and by that support a country indeed that ignores basic human rights like EQUALITY!  

I do also want to make clear that I won't support the people that judge Russians in general! Cause this totally misses the point I am standing for. I want to fight hate and fight prejudice against people all ages, genders, ethnicity, sexual orientation or origin. And I can not fight hate by being hateful myself. 

So once again: I don't have any issues with Russian people, cause if I say a person is bad because of the country he was born or lives in I am not better than people who say a person is bad because he/ she is part of the LGBT community... 

I like a person because of his believes & his character & not because of his skin color & sexual orientation or home country ... !

We have to fight hate - but we can't win this fight with being hateful ourselves! 
Please keep that in mind! 

Love & Support to Russia! 

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